The Holders

About the Book

17-year-old Becca spent her whole life protecting her brother from the so called 'experts' who insist that voices in his head are unnatural and must be dealt with. When two representatives appear claiming to have the answers to Ryland's perceived problem, Becca doesn't buy it. That is, until they seem to know things about Becca and Ryland's family that Becca can't explain.

Though still highly skeptical, Becca agrees to accompany Ryland to St. Brigid's in Ireland where they find a world beyond their imagination. Little by little they piece together the secrets of their family's heritage, including the whereabouts of their estranged father, their tie to nearly extinct race known as Holders, and the legends that decrees Ryland is the one that these Holders have been waiting for. However, all may not be as is it seems, and sometimes the hardest thing to learn is how to let go of who you thought you'd be and embrace who you are.

THE HOLDERS is a modern day fantasy about incredible powers and extraordinary people.

Praise for The Holders:

"Unexpected betrayal, fascinating twists,

incredible read."
-Michele, PageTurnersBlog 

  ‎"Very well-written and unique..."
-My Crazy Book Obsession

 "Becca and Alex's romance was so well done - bursting with believable romantic tension..."
-Liberty Gilmore

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“A fierce and intelligent heroine, a sibling with a challenging destiny to discover, a heart-warming romance, and an X-Men type school for special powers in the Emerald Isle, all add up to a superbly gripping tale. I loved Becca and can’t wait to read more of her world. A fantastic read!”
Suzanne McLeod, author of the urban fantasy series

The Holders is a refreshing change in the Young Adult Fantasy arena, buy this book, hold it close to your chest and fall in love."
-Rebekah, Reflections of a Book Worm

"I would recommend it to fans of Veronica Roth, Veronica Rossi and Leigh Bardugo, or anyone who enjoys a good urban fantasy or books with a Celtic background."

"Becca and Alex's romance was so well done - bursting with believable romantic tension enough so that, had I been reading a physical copy, I would have been skipping ahead to try and find the next scenes involving them together."
-Liberty Gilmore

"Although this is a YA novel, its depth makes it much more than that. If you’re into heroic, paranormal, fantasy novels with a touch of romance then you’ll want to know more about this one."
-Popcorn Reads

"For the first time in a long while I became invested in the characters in this book as though I had been reading about them for a long time."
Booky Ramblings of a Neurotic Mom

"The story has some great surprises and twists, lots of magic, lore, and dangerous excitement. The next in this series will be high on my list of anticipated reads next year!"
-Stories & Sweeties