Wondering what all the Gaelic in THE HOLDERS means? Below are the official translations of all the Gaelic in Book One. (Book Two coming soon.)

The Holders


     mo ghile beag (muh  g-leh  beug)  -  my little darling
     cumhacht coinnigh (coo-vakt  queen-a)  -  power holder
     beannú an bandia (ba-noo  ahn  bhun-jee-ah)  -  blessing of the Goddess
     sciath (shkee-aht)  -  shield
     máthair ghlac (ma-her  gluk)  -  surrogate mother
     saol (sail)  -  life or life essence
     dubh inteachán (dove  en-thran)  -  black iris
     mac an bronntanas (mok  ahn  bront-nis)  -  son of the gift
     anam (a-nam)  -  soul
     leannán (la-nan)  -  dearest or sweetheart
     srian (s‘rd’ee-an)  -  restrain
     Scaoileadh dá béal (skee-ledh  dah veal)  -  release her mouth
     A ghlacadh a cosa (ah  glock  ah  ko-suh)  -  take her feet
     'Mo shaol anois tá brí toisc go bhfuil tú i sé, a ghrá mo chroí.'
     'My life now has meaning because you are in it, my love.'
     'Is breá liom tú ró, mo lómhara. Tá tú gach rud a dom.'
     'I love you too, my precious. You are everything to me.'

(Note: While the translations have been provided by native Irish citizens and fluent Irish speakers, it is important to remember that language and dialects differ from region to region and even town to town. They have also been adapted slightly to make them accessible to the commonly available translators for the ease of the readers. As such, the translations and pronunciations provided above are for the entertainment purposes of the book only, and poetic liberties may have been taken. Not intended for educational purposes.)